Inspiration/Media & Processes

My work begins as a wall of inspiration very like a mood board as I gather pieces of information; visuals, photographs or item’s I have selected for their colour, form or surface texture. I have always been fascinated with the idea of combining media in order to create a form of balance.

The importance of sketching and having an exploratory approach is essential in the development of my work. Using collage, print and emulsion I begin by exploring line and shape through mark making. These compositions often evolve from ideas adopted from my wall of inspiration and translate into my work.

Another important part of my process involves the sourcing of materials and techniques. I often construct sample pieces by hand exploring ways in which my studies can be transformed into contemporary wearable pieces. These studies are further manipulated and later translate into designs. My cross-disciplinary approach enables me to manipulate traditional techniques exploring the relationship between the material and myself.

It is important that my work is created by hand offering my customers unique and contemporary statement pieces that are individually made. My focus is to create timeless pieces that are created with care and attention, designed for the everyday as well as the extraordinary.